Amman Farms

“Working on to explore the activities beneath the surface of the soil brings a feeling of awe and wonder to the farming enthusiasts”

Founded in 2005, Amman Farms, an agri-based enterprise, is committed to bring ecological and economical solutions from organic agriculture, vermicomposting, and waste management practices. Located at Vadipatti, 30 km from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, on NH7, we are operating on a 2-hectare facility with more than 20 people working. The farm produces nursery plants, hybrid fruit trees, forest trees, organic manure, and supply it to farmers, gardeners and communities .

Thought Leaders

Amman Farms


The Founder Of Amman Farms

Mr. K. Vaiyapuriappan, the founder of Amman Farms, had realized the importance of earthworms while cultivating coconut trees, mango trees, and chikoo trees for the last 50 years. He is pretty convinced that soil biology can best work with natural processes and enable crops to acquire balanced nutrition. It not only increases farm produce but also addresses the problems of food security, sustainable ecosystem, and poverty alleviation for the country.


Organic Farming

This idea derives him to convert a significant portion of his agriculture land into complete organic farming. He tapped the goodness of earthworms- Eudrillus eugenia and Eisneia fedita which form the part of the interdependent biological cycle. Earthworms have amazing self-preservation characteristics. They are able to consume a large toxic material from soil, reduce its acidity, and neutralize the soil pH around them. Also, unlike chemical fertilizers and pesticides, they reinforce soil fertility, health, and mineralization without any break or damage.

   Each farm, each field can have varying ratios and degrees of soil biodiversity depending on crop history, forms of tillage, organic matter content, drainage, rainfall as major influencers. Tiny organism- Eudrillus eugenia and Eisneia fedita make the soil rich in organic matter by producing vermicompost. It will go a very long way towards producing healthy, disease-free crops and plants.

   Physical, biological, and chemical aspects of soil are entwined and linked. So, to pass on the knowledge and relevance of vermicomposting in organic farming, combined with their on-farm knowledge to other farmers and manufacturers, Amman Farms has decided not only to produce and supply vermicomposting but also to give training on it. Our farm team has successfully trained and enriched the learners and practitioners across the region.

   On a progressive note, our Agri-based organization has been taking shapes right from a start to a profit-making business in the last 60 years. It makes a good sense in saying that we have gained enough confidence in harnessing the potential of soil biology and vision to move Indian farmers from artificial fertilizers to worm compost over a period of time.